Getting Started

Getting Started with Your Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to the world of! We're thrilled to have you on board and can't wait to see the amazing things you'll create using our AI-powered tools. To help you hit the ground running, we've prepared this handy step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Sign Up

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the "Get started" button located at the top right corner of the page.

  3. Fill in your email address and name in the provided fields.

  4. Hit "Create an account" and keep an eye on your inbox for a verification code.

  5. Open the verification email from and copy-paste the verification code to verify your email address.

Step 2: Log-in

  1. Once your email is verified, return to the website.

  2. Click on the "Log In" button at the top right corner.

  3. Enter your registered email and password, then click "Log In."

Step 3: Getting Your API Key

  1. After logging in, you'll be redirected to your dashboard.

  2. In the dashboard, navigate to the "Settings" page.

  3. On the "Settings" page, look for the "API Key" section.

  4. Copy the generated API key. This key will be your golden ticket to accessing's AI tools through the API.

Step 4: Using the API

  1. Armed with your API key, you're ready to start integrating AI tools into your projects.

  2. Consult our detailed API documentation to understand the various endpoints and functionalities available.

  3. In your projects, make API requests by including your API key in the request apikey parameter. This will authenticate and grant you access to the AI tools.

Congratulations! You're now part of the community, harnessing the power of AI tools effortlessly. Remember, if you have any questions or run into any issues, our support team is here to assist you.

Explore, innovate, and create wonders with's AI tools – the possibilities are limitless!

Happy coding! 🚀🤖

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